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    tree control xml question

    Tom L Level 1
      I'm trying to get a tree control working with an xml file. I built a php program, which outputs the xml (see below). If I save the output of the php program into a file and use that as the input into the Flex form everything works fine. If, however I call the php program directly and use it as the input in the form it doesn't work, even though the output is the same. I'm using an httpservice call to get the data:
      Can anyone explain why the same data input works in the xml format and not from php?

      <mx:HTTPService id="prodByCatRPC" url=" http://localhost/TVTest6/tv.xml" resultFormat="e4x"/> WORKS
      <mx:HTTPService id="prodByCatRPC" url=" http://localhost/buildmenu.phpl" resultFormat="e4x"/> DOESN'T WORK

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
      <menulabels label='Accounts'>
      <menulabels label='Accounts On Margin' id='13'/>
      <menulabels label="Unpriced Securities" id="14"/>
      <menulabels label="Securities with No asset class" id="15"/>
      <menulabels label="Accounts with too little cash" id="16"/>
      <menulabels label="Accounts with too much cash" id="17"/>
      <menulabels label="Flags" id="18">
      <menulabels label="Milestones" id="19"/>
      <menulabels label="Cost too large" id="20"/>
      <menulabels label="New Accounts" id="21"/>
      <menulabels label="Needs Review" id="22"/>
      <menulabels label="Debt Ensuing" id="23"/>
      <menulabels label="Asset Allocation Out of Balance" id="24"/>
      <menulabels label="Contacts" id="25">
      <menulabels label="Add a Contact" id="26"/>
      <menulabels label="View a contact" id="27"/>
      <menulabels label="Buy Thank You gifts At Amazon" id="28"/>