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    Weird green changes on zoom and softwares


      Hi there,

      I have an issue with a peculiar green (#98f7ab) and I would like to know why.

      First I was working on InDesign v9. But I wasn't able to use the right green (see the image below) so I changed for Photoshop v14.


      The difference is dramatic. So I first thought that it was due to different color spaces. I made the conversions and nothing get better.

      I finally had to work with InDesign and add a touch of this color, hopping that it will be corrected when exported to pdf format. And the trouble became even more weird !


      I obtain two different greens depending the zoom I choose in Acrobat Reader ! (It is not true in Indesign.)



      What a mess !

      Is there anyone who can explain what is going on here ?


      Thanks mates!