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    Indesign CC + Windows - can't change default program


      I have upgraded to CC.  I have set all default programs to open the various file types except Windows will NOT let me set InDesign as the default for opening indd files.


      I can open indd files from within InDesign no dramas, but just cannot associate the program with the file type.


      I've tried two methods: 


      1.   After choosing 'open with' I can browse to, and select InDesign to open the program (see below), but then nothing happens and it InDesign is not added to the list of programs I can choose from.




      2.  I have tried going through control panel + "Associate a file type or protocol with a specific program" - same thing happens I can select .indd and browse to InDesign but wont let me actually set that program to open this file type.