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    Flash Player Pauses Frequently (Every 10 to 20 Seconds) for Download


      On a newly assembled computer (Intel Core3 Processor, 8 GB memory) running Windows 7, 64 bit and using either Firefox or Internet Explorer; Flash Player, v 11.8.800.94 as well as at least two previous versions, stalls frequently to download more of the video clip. It does this on multiple/all web sites, including YouTube.


      Flash player does operate normally on an older laptop computer that I have that is also running Windows 7 and Firefox or IE. Both of these computers are connected to the internet via Time Warner Cable's internet service and a Netgear Router with wired connections for both. 


      I also get frequent error messages stating the Flash Player had a problem and asking what I want to do, continue or stop Flash Player. Checking the "do not ask again" box ion this error message box does not stop this message from appearing again.


      Is there a setting or some other action that I need to change to get Flash Player to operate normally on this new computer.

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          Mike M Level 6

          The frequent "crashes" I remedied on my Win7 machine by uninstalling both Shockwave and Flash, and then reinstalling the Shockwave FULL installer, and then either the Flash Player for ActiveX (Internet Explorer) or Flash Player Plug-in (All other browsers)


          As to the frequent stopping, you can set the amount of data Flash stores on your computer, (which increases the streaming cache) by right clicking ANY Flash video and choosing Settings or Global Settings. The only other things that could cause video freezes are insufficient Video RAM, or outdated video drivers, and if this PC was recently assembled, the driver are more than likely up to date.

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            ChipsNChips Level 1

            A very strange thing has just happened. After several weeks of this problem existing after the new computer was assembled and just after posting my question here, yesterday; things have improved on their own. I did nothing to fix the situation, but now the videos are running almost normally. The bar that shows buffering does not show much buffered material beyond the point where the video is playing, but the pauses are now only every 5 or 10 minutes and they are shorter. I do not understand.


            As for changing the Flash settings to allow more buffering, I can not find that option in either the settings or the global settings screens. Just where is it?


            On the installation, I allowed the process to govern itself. When I first encountered a video that I wanted to play, I clicked on it and the installation screen poped up. I just said OK. I have done it this way before and it always worked. I wasn't even aware that Shockwave and Flash were different programs or that there were different ways of installing them. And I do not see Shockwave listed in the Programs and Features list of items that can be uninstalled.

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              dandab Level 2

              The flash settings can be found in the control panel.