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    News Form

      I need a news form, just like this one: http://www.felipemassa.com/home/index.php?lang=en
      It has one top news, after it there are the rest of the news and there is button for even older news, all in all it's 1:1 with the example. The form should also be able to upload the new news from an xml file, because updating the swf by hand everytime I add news will take a lot of time. Also I need to change the font and button, all of the graph design work, I just need the action script job done. So if you know somewhere to download or buy such template will be great, I need something like the free/paid galleries we have, but I google for "flash news form" and it started with news sites... just impossible to find anything proper, there were some good results but with pretty basic forms which were not what I was looking for.

      Thanks in advance for all answers:)