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    Cross-references from Word or Excel

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      Is it possible to include “live” cross-reference text from MS Word documents or Excel spreadsheets into the paragraph of an InDesign document?.


      On the InDesign documents I’m working on I need to be able to insert some project data into the text I’m formatting. For example, a paragraph might read “ blah blah blah (cf: Project 783: “Draining Swimming Pool A” / Process owner: Fred Bloggs) blah blah blah…” The same project data might be used in numerous documents and will be subject to change right up to the submission date.


      I can do this if the master list of cross references is kept in InDesign (which is an option which is open to us, but I’ll have to update it myself) but the technical authors I am working with will no doubt ask if the source data can be in Word or Excel, so they can adjust it as and when they need to. I’m pretty sure it is possible but so far I haven’t been able to find anywhere on the web explaining how..Can anyone on here help?


      If it helps, each cross reference can be on its own line / row in the master document, eg:

      Project 783: “Draining Swimming Pool A” / Process owner: Fred Bloggs

      Project 784: “Demolishing the Boiler Room” / Process owner: Stan Smith

      Project 785: “Rebuilding the Reception Area” / Process owner: Sue Smith


      As always, thanks in advance for any and all advice offered.