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    How to insert bullet points in the middle of a paragraph style?


      I am creating automatically generated CVs for my firm. Because of limitations of the program used to automatically generate the CVs, I can only use one nested paragraph style throughout the entire document. This is what I would like a paragraph style to look like:



      OVO Clinic, Montreal, Quebec

      • Renovation of the clinic, 2008

      Role: Project Manager

      Merck, Kirkland, Quebec

      • Buildings 5, 7 & 8 - Existing office renovation & expansion, 20 04

      • Building 18 - New office building project, 2001

      Role: Project Manager


      I know how to insert a bullet point at the beginning of a paragraph style, but how do I indicate I want bullet points to start on the 3rd line of the paragraph and stop on the 2nd to last line of the paragraph?