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    Quality is so bad exporting to H.264


      I don't know why but this project I'm working on I can't seem to export it like I always do. For starters the transparency of a font I'm using is messed up and its like there is this film covering the entire video.


      I'm thinking now its my old graphics card. I'm using a geforce 8600 GTS

      I have a GTX 760 in the mail that I just ordered though. Is a graphics card even used while exporting?


      I'm using CS6


      When exporting I'm doing 1080p H.264

      The two bitrate slide bars are to the max. 240 I believe

      Level 5.1

      Max bit depth

      And another max check box forgot the name


      I'm reaching a dead line on a job for the new Stargate game http://www.systemlords.com

      So I need to figure this out with in the next day. Hoping someone can help me out.