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    How Can I Get the current value of a binded field for use in a conditional statement?

    SarasotaTim Level 1

      Hey guys, I have a CFGRID that's bound to some form fields:



      <td align="right"><span class="srch_title">First Name 1</span>:</td>

      <td align="left"><cfinput name="Data_FName1" type="text" class="inputs_nomargin" bind="{SearchResultsGrid.fname1}"></td>

      <td align="right"><span class="srch_title">Last/Bus Name 1</span>:</td>

      <td align="left"><cfinput name="Data_LNameBus1" type="text" class="inputs_nomargin" bind="{SearchResultsGrid.lname_busname1}"></td>

      <td align="right"><span class="srch_title">DOB 1</span>:</td>

      <td align="left"><cfinput name="Data_DOB1" type="text" class="inputs_med_nomargin" bind="{SearchResultsGrid.dob1}"></td>

      <td align="right"><span class="srch_title">DL Number 1</span>:</td>

      <td><cfinput name="Data_DLNum1" type="text" class="inputs_nomargin" bind="{SearchResultsGrid.dlnum1}"></td>




      When, clicking on the CFGRID rows, the data in the form fields changes, as expected.


      However, I'd like to make some other stuff happen conditionally based on current values of one or more of the form fields.


      How can access, for example, the current contents of {SearchResultsGrid.fname1} in a CFIF statement?


      Thanks in advance for any help you can give me