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    Question about price/license

    _Cedric_ Level 1
      I'm about to introduce Flex in a company but i'm not sure about the license/price.
      We want to develop Flex Apps that only use HttpRequests and WebServices not the special DataServices and Charts.
      So the apps that we'll develop do not need a special flex server (i think we'll be using apache and php/mysql)

      'The free Flex Software Development Kit (SDK) enables developers to create, compile, and commercially deploy rich Flex applications that connect to XML and SOAP web services with no additional costs or server licensing required. The Flex SDK includes the Flex component class library, Flex command line compiler, and documentation.'

      What do I need to buy then? If we want a good editor we'll have to buy FlexBuilder and that's it or are there any other costs?

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          davidmedifit Level 1
          There are many options, starting at free. You are correct, you don't need to buy anything to develop and deploy flex apps. You can write your code in a plain text editor, and download the free compiler. There should be articles on this on the Adobe web site.

          You can purchase the Flex Builder IDE, which will make your life easier. I think it retails for about $500, plus another $150 for the charting components. I use it and like it - about 95% of the Flex developers I've met develop on Flex Builder.

          There is a server component, but it's an add-on as opposed to a requirement. Live Cycle Data Services allows you to push data to a client, watch data sets, page data, etc. It starts out as free (for 1 CPU), and gets up in price as you progress.

          Besides that, you're all set. Get started with a 30 day trial of Flex Builder. There's even a free offer of training now, on Total Training ( http://www.totaltraining.com/Store/online_adobe_login.aspx). I'd recommend checking to see if there is a Flex user group in your area, you can get some good resources at these groups.

          Post back if you have any more questions.