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    Loading external text

      Hi all,
      I know similar questions have been answered, but I can't seem to find the solution to this exact problem. I have two FLAs, a master file and an about.fla file. As swfs, the About file is loaded into the master file. In the about file, I want to load external text into a text box. The problem is, the text box is located INSIDE of a movie clip in the about file. And this makes my coding not work. I would think that an instance would exist outside of the movie clip, but apparently I'm wrong. Can anyone help me? You can download my two FLAs at

      goldinroute.com/macgregor/master.fla and

      Click on "About" in the menu. See how that one text box appears (the one that's way out of place) yet nothing else appears? The working text box has the same instance name as the other, but the other is inside of the "boxmovie" movie clip. Ideas? Help would be much appreciated. I've been pounding my head against a wall for about 6 hours now.
      - Evan