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    Converting Pagemaker Files to PDF - Distiller Won't Run


      I use Pagemaker 6.5 (yes, I know it's old and unsupported , but it was donated to our church <g>) to generate our church's programs, bulletins, newsletters, etc, which were then printed at cost by the local FedEx/Kinkos.  They have just told us their software has been updated and they can no longer print Pagemaker files.


      (To get the specs out of the way - computer is running Windows XP Pro, Intel Core Duo processor, 2.33 Ghz).


      In the short run we're only trying to convert the Pagemaker files into pdf's for either printing or then converting into whatever software we end up getting next.  The problem we are running into involves Distiller.  When we try to generate the pdf, Distiller doesn't run, we keep getting the 'divide by zero stack overflow' error.  We tried to download the trial version of Pagemaker 7 to see if a newer version might work ,but that doesn't have Distiller.  We then found the oldest computer we could, a Gateway from 2003, and installed Pagemaker 6.5 and Distiller, but Distiller won't run on that, either.  Same error message.


      I'm thinking our best solution at this point is to just get the pm6.5 files into Postscript, which we can do, and then use an online converter service to get them into pdf's.  Alternatively we could get the upgrade to Pagemaker 7  (which is still available at the computer store here) and hope that works, but we know we need new publishing software going forward and it seems pointless now to invest any more in Pagemaker.. Does anyone have any better ideas?  Thanks.