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    3D box layers don't appear when enabled visible


      I made a rectangular 3D box comprised of solids and 2 images, totaling 6 layers for the box.  I have a 7th layer labeled "center" , a rectangular image inside the box. 


      Everything is set to 3D.


      Everything is set to visible.


      Everything is as 100 percent opacity, all layers start and end at the same time on my time line.


      Ok so the problem is, when I'm rotating my box around, I noticed layers are missing.  Like I can see right through the top layer, its as if I never made layer there.  This is not good.  I checked everything, it is the way it is supposed to be. 


      I then started messing with my layer order, putting the top at the highest composition order.  Top layer comes back, but it's blocking thing everything behind it, as if it is behaving as a 2d layer.  This also causes another layer to be missing.


      I hope I was clear in my post, I really don't understand what I am doing wrong here.