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    Presenter hung up in Preview mode


      I have a Presenter 9 project that no longer works in preview mode.  It did, and now it just hangs and keeps spinning.  When I publish it, the same thing happens, it just spins.  However, when I upload to a cloud server, it works, but none of the videos play.  Any settings I can check, or can I get assistance in troubleshooting this issue?  Thanks!

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          Mukul_Adobe Adobe Employee



          Do you have collaboration configured in your project?


          If yes, so solve this issue, please google for "flash security settings". In the search result, click on first link and select "always allow" >> then click "Edit location" >> then on "Add location" >> then add "C:\" as the location and "confirm"

          Restart your broswer.


          Now please check.


          If the issue is occuring even if "collboration" is not configured, then we need to investigate. Please "package" the presentation and send it to us at mvlele@adobe.com.


          We will check it and let you know the solution.




          Adobe Presenter Engg. Team.

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            Mstpierre112 Level 1

            Thanks, that resolved the preview mode issue.  I ended up turning off the collaboration mode because when I updated my security setting, it loaded, but hung up on the first slide in Preview mode where it asks for my name and email.  ANy way to get past that?  I will have to re-upload to cloud server to see if it fixes the issue with the videos not running.




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              Mukul_Adobe Adobe Employee



              There is no way to suppress the 'name','password' options. It is mandatory for the learners to enter them if collaboration is ON.


              When you, as an author creating your course and trying it out, you should not configure collaboration. Collaboration should be turned ON only after the entire course is ready. Only then turn-ON collaboration and publish your project.