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    dynamicly giving alpha

    balamurugan@flipdesign.in Level 1
      hi guys
      i want a help from you...
      There is a movie clip called cr_1 and cr_2 each movie has nearly 30 movie clip with cr1 to cr30 in this case i want to give alpha for the selected movie clip in that case i has written the function witch will call for this function with the parameter of what movie and inside movie clip number.

      function check_(cr_num,part)
      var obj:String;
      _root["_root.cr_" + obj]._alpha=0;

      i try giving the alpha value like _root.cr_1.cr1._alpha=0; it is working fine but when i try to do it dynamic it is not happening Plz give some idea to solve this
      Can any one give me some idea regarding this