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    Print Layout image woes


      Is there a script for InDesign CS6 that can resize images appropriately to the size (often significantly reduced) they are being used at?


      I found a script of this sort for InDesign CS3-4 here: (it explains it on this page--also the page shows a link to an updated version covering to CS5.5 but this one does not have an explanation of the script so I didn't want to direct there)

      This script says it performs the task I'm asking about and saves a new InDesign file with new linked images files that are the reduced sizes produced by the script.


      I've beeb creating a lot of multi-page print layout projects and it would help immensely if I could reduce the InDesign document itself by having all the displayed images only appear as large as would be appropriate for them to still be 300 dpi (I have many 7 MB pictures that are being displayed at 1.5-2 inch actual size, so they are scaled to 12% or so quite frequently). Manually I can "save down" in Photoshop of course, but doing this for every single one of my 50-100 images is a bit ridiculous. I've been searching for a bit, finding the script above, but nothing for CS6 and I have a project that is 4 weeks in that I'd love to not have to try and move this over to CS4 since that's all I have older than CS6.


      Please and thank you for you help!