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    Interactive PDF to JPEG Image Map?

    homeboy4 User Group Manager

      Is there an automated way to convert a single page PDF with hyperlinks to a JPEG image map with those same links?

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          And you want to keep the links active in a JPEG ?  


          You can't.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            Images don't hold links. An image map is just HTML code that adresses coordinates in the image and creates a virtual click area. You need to read up. It can't work because there's no simple conversion involved. It has to be properly authored.



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              homeboy4 User Group Manager

              If it's not possible, it isn't, but can you walk me through why not -- if the answer is simple? As I understand it, to make an image map in Photoshop you begin with an image, then draw areas, assign URLs to the areas, then export the image and HMTL code. Maybe I've got that wrong but this is what I think the process is. Now, I have a PDF that was created from a file in InDesign. In InDesign, I assigned URLs to photos, to blocks of text and to logos. Each one of these is a AREA. I exported the file as an interactive PDF and it works fine. Hover over the photos or the text and the cursor changes to a hand and if I click, I'm taken to the appropriate web page. Now if the URLs are assigned to areas in the PDF, why is it so difficult for a program to "read" those PDF areas and their associated URLs and convert them to Photoshop type silces with the same associated URLs? Again I'm not a programmer so I guess it's not that simple but it SEEMS and though it would be easier even that converting -- for example -- a PDF to a Word doc, or converting a InDesign doc to a Quark doc, software for which purpose both are readily available.