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    Is there a way to set a default "Source Range" in AME when exporting from Premiere Pro CC?

    DMH79 Level 2

      When exporting a sequence from Premiere Pro CC, you are able to toggle between 4 drop down options within Adobe Media Encoder on what Source Range you'd like to export (Work Area, Sequence In/Out, Entire Sequence, Custom) as seen here:


      Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 11.42.54 AM.png


      Is there a way to set the default Source Range to something besides Sequence In/Out?


      My reason for asking is that sometimes I export multiple sequences at once using AME's Queue. I add my custom presets to each Sequence and hit export, but SOMETIMES I may have accidentally marked an in point on my timeline and by default it's set to export only that In-to-Out part of the sequence.


      I know what you may be thinking...well, just don't add any In/Out points to your sequence on the timeline or clear them first. The trouble is that I often don't see them or catch them when working quickly. In Premiere Pro CC, I use the "Lighter Brightness" Appearance setting because it's easier on my eyes after editing 10 hours a day, 6 days a week. Sure, darker looks cooler, but it kills my eyes for some reason. Anyway, PPro CC has a troublesome appearance issue in CC where it's not "optimized" for editing when you change it to a lighter appearance like it was in CS6. I've already contacted Adobe about this and another appearance issue (involving highlighted clips when in Lighter Appearance setting) and they are "actively working on fixing this appearance issue asap". 


      For reference, here's Premiere Pro CC in/out points in default dark appearance (notice the slightly lighter grey area):

      Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 11.45.36 AM.png

      Now here's that same in/out in "Lighter Appearance":

      Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 11.44.56 AM.png


      Not exactly optimized. Can hardly see it. Good luck spotting that little guy on a long timeline. Sadly, this affects in/out points in the Source Window as well. Really hard to see.


      Conversly, CS6 looked the best (the blue REALLY stands out making things easy to see):



      So my question again...is there a way to set the default "Source Range" to something else besides Sequence In/Out so that I don't end up doing what I just did and leaving for several hours while batch exporting only to come back and find that I exported only a "portion" of one of my big sequences?


      Thank you!