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    Edit Photoshop Flash Web Gallery

      I'm completely new to Flash but I've been trying to edit the Flash gallery 1 included in Photoshop CS2. What I like to do is to make links from the title in the head. I figured out how I can copy the code for the email field that already exists. But I cant really understand how I change it so it works on a webpage instead of an email.

      The template I'm using can be downloaded here:
      Photoshop Flash Web Gallery

      I found the specific code in title.class.as
      The code I want to change looks like this:
      if (email != undefined) {

      var emailObj = this.createEmptyMovieClip('email_mc', this.nextDepth())
      emailObj.beenClicked = false;

      //trace ('we have email info it is '+email);
      currentY -= titleH2.size;
      emailObj.createTextBlock('email_txt', currentX, currentY, 'dynamic', titleH2, 1600, 20, false, false, true, false, email, config.embedFont, false);
      emailObj.email_txt._width = emailObj.email_txt.textWidth+10;
      emailObj.email_txt.textColor = theGallery.link.toHex();

      emailObj.onRollOver = emailObj.onDragOver = function () {
      this.email_txt.textColor = theGallery.link.toHex();

      emailObj.onRollOut = emailObj.onDragOut = function () {
      if (this.beenClicked == false){
      this.email_txt.textColor = theGallery.link.toHex();
      } else {
      this.email_txt.textColor = theGallery.vlink.toHex();

      emailObj.onPress = function () {
      this.email_txt.textColor = theGallery.alink.toHex();

      emailObj.onRelease = function () {
      this.beenClicked = true;
      this.email_txt.textColor = theGallery.vlink.toHex();
      mailTo ( email)

      What I want to do is to create a link in the code for:
      if (one != undefined) {
      //trace ('we have a one it is '+one+' that is '+one.length);
      currentY -= titleH2.size;
      this.createTextBlock('one_txt', currentX, currentY, 'dynamic', titleH2, 1600, 20, false, false, true, false, one, config.embedFont, false);

      Lets say that I want it to link to a page called one.htm
      How do I do this?