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    Help for colour blind

    Zeuzer Level 1

      Hi I took up digital art because I find it hard to paint on canvas because all colours that look similar to me are confusing iike orange and red, green and brown, purple and blue and so on, also I can't see different shades of colour if the shades are too close together.

      I haven't found one android art app that helps people like me, maybe something that would help me get less confused.

      I can't use the colour spectrum and I like your pallette because there are few colours that don't all look similar and I can make my own colours and save them, well for the duration I'm using it for that time.

      Would it be at all possible to maybe make an added feature, I'm sure I'm not the only colour blind artist that paints digitally


      Oh and it would be very helpful if the app had palm rejection as it's really hard not to leave little marks all over the screen that is very annoying and frustrating when you got to go over bits of your work again to edit out the marks


      I use the note 10.1 btw


      Sorry not sure where to post this as this is my first post