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    Easily editable document flow template for office use?


      Sorry for the cryptic title, but i'm not sure how to ask this question.


      I have a client who current uses Publisher to maintain a daily changing document that has a thumbnail image and some text for lots of items for sale. There are also multiple categories these items are listed under. I'd like to create an InDesign document (template) that would replace the old doc, but would make it so that an average office worker could be trained a little on it and then could update it and print it daily without blowing up the layout or the design of it.


      Specifically, you have about 12 section headers. Each one could have from 0 to 25 items in each. It could fluctuate dramatically from day to day. If there is nothing in one of the categories, i'd like to at least have a placeholder example item there, but it's not going to take up much space.


      So...help? I just don't want to over-complicate the process for the office staff, but I want to increase the quality of the output dramatically as well.