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    Best Practices for E-Learning


      Hi all -- I am about ready to make the leap and do my next e-learning project in Edge Animate.  However, I'm a bit concerned that I haven't found anyone on the web who says they've actually done it.  I see lots of, "This should work" posts and a few pilot projects.  But I'm a little worried about hitting hiccups in scaling to a full project.


      I saw this thread http://forums.adobe.com/message/5069120#5069120 on adding audio and it sounds like a major hole for Adobe to address if they want mass adoption for e-learning.  I guess you'd have to direct the browser to pre-cache audio if you want it to start precisely at the first frame of an animation.


      Which would work better -- one composition with lots of symbols for the different interactions, or multiple compositions?  What's the biggest number of symbols anyone has worked with in one composition?  Or biggest number of compositions anyone has worked with in one web page?  Could one load different compositions one at a time via AJAX?


      Any other advice/experience appreciated!