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    Push the data to AutoMailMerge


      I have built a New Client sign up form in FormCentral, but what i want to do is automate the sending of the data collected in this form to populate a "new client letter" that can then be emailed directly (and automatically) to the client.


      Is there a way of "pushing" the data captured directly into automailmerge so that it can run?


      It may be that automailmerge does a lookup every 5 minutes for new formcentral files (and any advice on this would be great too.



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          Wenlan_Du Level 2



          Currently FormsCentral doesn't have the functionality to automatically push data to automailmerge. If you simply want to send a customized letter upon form submission, you may try out "Form Submission Receipt" feature. You can customize the content of the message.



          Hope it helps.