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      Hi, i woluld really like to create a customised preloader but im not sure how.

      What i want to happen is for the name of my website which is central on my holding page to change colour as the movie loads. changing the way a normal loading bar would change (but the text as the loading bar)

      Hope someone understands, sorry if its confusing!

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          There are many ways to make a preloader, but this idea is quite simple. On your .fla file that you are working with, move all your frames one to the right, maybe with the exception of the background depending on how you want it to look. In other words, just leave on the first frame of your .fla what you want the user to see.

          Put a stop(); action on the first frame of your actions layer.

          create a movieclip and place it on it's own layer on the first frame of your main .fla. Give it an instance name of 'preloader'.

          Within the preloader movieclip, create basically an animation 100 frames long of what you want your preloader to look like. Create an actions layer on it, and place a stop(); action on the first frame.

          Click on the movieclip on the main timeline and open your actions window and place this code within:

          onClipEvent(enterFrame) {
          loaded = _parent.getBytesLoaded();
          total = _parent.getBytesTotal();
          prog = Math.round((loaded/total) * 100);
          if (loaded == total) {

          If that doesn't work, you can try replacing the 'gotoAndStop(prog);' with 'this.gotoAndStop(prog);'

          I know that this concept is right, but I haven't tried this code myself. Try it out, and if it doesn't work, I can hopefully help you get it working. What this code is basically doing is checking the percent of what is loaded for your whole .fla file and then sending that percent number to that frame number of your preloader movieclip. It will keep doing that until it is fully loaded and then sends the playhead to the next frame of your main timeline where your main content should start. If you are needing your playhead on the main timeline to keep playing, then replace '_parent.nextFrame();' with '_parent.gotoAndPlay(2);'.

          Let me know how that goes, good luck,

          - Josh
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            Ive tried the little tutorial you posted but there was no sucess...

            Instead, could someone help me by giving me a simple preloader tutorial where it just uses numbers of percentage. Also, if it is simple, could someone tell me how to make it have a one second delay before displaying the animation.