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    Fast computer, slooow renders


      All my exports from AME and PPro are extremely slow (particularly after I add a watermark logo with 50% opacity). When I look in Activity Monitor, more than 600% of my CPUs are completely used by the "PProHeadless."

      I have 24GB of RAM installed with at least 4-8GB not used during export.


      My first question is this: Why are my CPUs all used and what can I do to offload some of them up during exports? Also, I want to make sure Premiere is making use of all my "quad core" 8 virtual cores in my processor and taking full advantage of my GPU (Nvidia 680mx, 2GB)...I paid all this money for what is supposed to be one of the fastest iMac machines on the market, but it renders slower than my 2008 MBP. What am I missing?


      How do I monitor this? I can monitor many things with Activity Monitor (granted I am newly acquainted) but where do I monitor my cores and my GPU?


      Also, Adobe says my graphics card is supported for CUDA capability, so I shouldn't have to go into Terminal and hack it, but I'm willing to try if there is no other solution.


      Here are my specs:

      iMac 27'' 3.4 GHz Core i7, 24GB memory 1600 DDR3, Nvidia GeForce 680MX 2GB, OSX 10.8.4, 1TB Fusion drive

      Oh, and Adobe CCs most recent update