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    Indesign CS5 DataMerge...


      Ok, I have followed the datamerge directions (created a document, created a data file, saved data file in both csv and txt formats) connected to the data source and when I try to drag the data fields into my document, nothing.  The fields can't be selected (they show up in the datamerge pannel just fine), but nothing I try will get the fields to insert as data placeholders.  Been reading through the forums and it seems like I am following the correct steps, but not sure if it is a ID10T error, PEBCAK or what. 


      Any help for a "new to data-merger" user???



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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          You need a text frame to put them in.... (or an image frame if you are merging images).

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            dcampbellUoI Level 1

            First, many thanks!  I have seen you name on the forums before, and your response helped me figure out the problem.



            1. I decided to create a new text frame, but then discovered that none of the menu features would drop down. 
            2. Did a search for that type of error.
            3. Discovered that in Windows 7, InDesign has an fun little bug where if you have personalized your screen to greater than 125% (Mine was set at 150%)
              • None of your drop menus, select features, or tool switches will work
              • You will become frustrated and contemplate several options, such as seeing if your computer can fly
              • You will discover that DataMerge fields can not be moved into the target document with personalization greater than 125%


            I set personalization back down to 100% (normal) and everything worked fine!  Had you not made your suggestion, I would not have checked, not discovered the issue and would at this moment be watching my PC soar like an eagle out the 5th floor window.