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    need help


      please help i an running windows 7 professional, browser ie 10 flash player currant 11.7 trying to up grade to fp 11.8 keep getting this pop up install_ flasherplayer11x32ax_gtbd_chrd_aaa_aih.exe contain a virus and was deleted..... all anti virus is up to date  im kinda new with dealing with computers thanks for helping out bobby johnson

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          Mike M Level 6

          It's a "false positive" from your antivirus. "F-Secure" is terrible about this - claims EVERYTHING from Adobe is a virus. Someone in their DEV dept. must have a real chip on their shoulder about Adobe products.

          Try disabling your A/V and then download. Install and THEN re-enable your A/V.

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            hiwaysage Level 1

            hi cf, thanks for taking the time to reply, i am using mircosoft bare essentials, as my av , i have found out how to take down the firewall, still have not figure out how to disable av ? any sugestions? when i tried to disable the av i get an popup which says application failed to initialize 0x80070002 . thanks for your help

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              Mike M Level 6

              Ugh! Microsoft (be it Bare essentials or (in)Security Essentials) is the WORST thing you can have as antivirus.

              Think about it for a sec... Windows is the reason Antivirus exists in the first place. It's so full of security holes that even fourteen years after it first hit the shelves, they're STILL fixing security issues in XP. If they're still discovering security flaws in their own OS after fourteen years, just how great do you think their antivirus software will be at protecting you from things they haven't even identified after all this time?

              You should be able to uninstall Bare Essebtials from your Control Panel under Programs and Features.

              I'd recommend AVG Free to replace it. It's about the best "free" antivirus there is, and if you ever decide to go with the FULL package, it's easy to upgrade. I've used AVG since 2006 and with two exceptions, have never had a problem. One of those was the FBI virus which, once it gets ahold of a system is pretty much IMPOSSIBLE to get rid of without reformatting the hard drive.

              You can disable AVG at will with a right click on the tray icon, but it won't be necessary, because I've never seen it flag Adobe updates as viruses.

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                pwillener Level 8

                You don't need to disable MSE to download and install Flash Player.  Download and run the offline installers from http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/installation-problems-flash-player-windows.html#mai n-pars_header and you should be fine.

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                  pwillener Level 8

                  C F McBlob wrote:


                  Microsoft (be it Bare essentials or (in)Security Essentials) is the WORST thing you can have as antivirus.

                  Not really; there are MUCH worse systems out there, just think of Norton, or anything Symantec!


                  I actually have MSE installed on a few systems, and AVG on a few others.  Both perform pretty well; I have no complaints about either of them.

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                    Mike M Level 6

                    Norton and McAfee are both pretty bad but at least they protect against stuff, even if they are overprotective and nearly impossible to remove. MSE let in a trojan on my daughter's laptop last year. It started as a browser hack, but it eventually hijacked ALL executable files and turned them to weblinks, that ALL went to a "fix it now" page. Had to reformat and reload and that's when I bought her AVG for it. That was the last I ever wanted to do with MSE.

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                      hiwaysage Level 1

                      ok guys i have lower both the firewall, an uninstall mse  results no good same message

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                        hiwaysage Level 1

                        hi pat thanks for trying to help , as i metion to cf i lower the firewall and uninstall mse, then tried to download fp 11.8 got the same message oh yeah i did turn the firewall back on and reinstalled mse what else can i try ? anyone has an clue cuz i sure dont

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                          Mike M Level 6

                          Somehow I think this is IE blocking it. Try downloading Firefox and use it to download the Adobe Flash Player installers directly by clicking on the following links.

                          Flash Player for ActiveX (Internet Explorer)

                          Flash Player Plug-in (All other browsers)