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    Urgent!  Adobe killed drag/dropping workflow in CC.  Help restore it!

    PierreLouisBeranek Level 1

      I posted this first FR at the end of another thread, here.  Due to the importance of this issue, IMO, I'm giving this FR a new thread, plus adding as second version of the same FR.


      My stance is simple.  Every change Adobe makes to Premiere Pro should be positive to most or all people.  If a change Adobe makes is negative for most or all people, then it must be removed.


      Adobe did a negative change in CC, which brings about zero positive improvements (unless proven otherwise which has not been done yet).


      In CC, drag-dropping clips no longer  = dropping what you're dragging!  If you only have a video track source patched, audio doesn't get dragged to the Timeline.  If you only have an audio track source patched, video doesn't get dragged to the Timeline.


      This is contrary to the way it worked in CS6 (where it made sense): drag drop clip = same clip dropped, regardless of Timeline settings!


      Please help fix this by sending the following FRs as your own or writing a FR of your own based on this new problem Adobe introduced in CC.  Thank you and God bless all those that care enough about Premiere to take action!


      VERSION 1 (revert back to CS6)

      *******Enhancement / FMR*********


      Brief title for your desired feature:

      Drag/Dropping video with audio clip from Source Monitor or Project window to Timeline should include both video and audio... always!


      How would you like the feature to work?

      The way it did in Premiere Pro CS6: 


      A. Video with audio dragged from Project window = video with audio dropped in Timeline


      B. Three drag/dropping options from Source monitor, regardless of Source Patch settings.  Drag/drop:

      1. Source Monitor Image = Video + Audio

      2. 'Drag Video Only' button = Video only

      3. 'Drag Audio Only' button = Audio only


      In CC, these options no longer work properly depending on Source Patching.  This makes no sense, and provides zero benefits to the editor!


      Why is this feature important to you?

      Because intelligent workflows matter!  There's nothing intelligent or efficient about the Source Monitor's buttons working some times but not others, or drag/dropping a clip from the Project window only to find its audio doesn't appear in the Timeline.  When drag and dropping clips, Source Patching should determine default clip PLACEMENT, Not WHAT gets dragged to the Timeline!



      VERSION 2 (give us a choice!)

      *******Enhancement / FMR*********

      Brief title for your desired feature: Preferences window option to disable Source Patching's effect on drag/dropped clips.


      How would you like the feature to work?

      If Adobe can't/won't revert drag/dropping back to functional CS6 standards, whereby clip dragged = same content dropped regardless of Timeline settings, then please give us the option of turning off CC's new drag/dropping behavior through a new check box option in the Preferences Window: "Source patching affects Drag/dropping".

      Checked = CC behavior

      Unchecked = CS6 behavior


      Why is this feature important to you?

      Because respecting workflows matters!  CS6 and prior Premiere editors had their workflows disrespected when Adobe suddenly changed drag/dropping behavior with zero apparent benefits in return.  Please give us a choice in this matter or revert to CS6's intelligent drag-dropping altogether.