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    3D Snapping And Camera Problem


      Hello All,

      I'm currently working on a large After Effects Project involving multiple compositions, and on my latest I've run into a snag whenever I try to turn a 2d image into a 3d layer using the 3d on and off switch in the column next to the given layer.

      Before 3d option is turned on in Column.jpg

      Whenever I select the 3D option in the timeline columns for the layer, the whole composition snaps to the side. The image bellow is what occurs after I do this.

      After 3d is turned on.jpg


      Something similar happens with particle world and the camera. Whenever use particle world, the graph is completely flat, and when I bring in a camera, I can move the camera, yet not view the graph in 3d. Rather I get a 2d side image of the camera and I move it around, unable to check out what it would look like in 3D. Again as demoed in the images bellow.


      Bellow is just the particles

      Particles 2D graph.jpg


      And next is what happens when I add the camera

      Particles With 3d Camera.jpg


      Now I've looked into my other compositions, and the 3d column option works perfectly fine in those, yet it's only this one that has the problem. If anyone has any idea as to what's causing this problem I would appreciate it.