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    What I think I've learned about resource allocation & disk management. Check my work?

    MD Optofonik Level 1

      Based on this post: http://forums.adobe.com/message/4603182, it seems that getting a separate eSATA drive to use as a cache drive would be a good decision and the single upgrade I could make that would make the most difference.


      Here is my current drive setup and my ideas about resource management:


      • OS Drive: programs only, no Windows page file or media, etc.


      • Video Drive: for all my imported/transferred my video files (also see "Audio Drive" below)


      • Pix Drive: for all my still pix


      • Audio Drive: for any dual system audio, narration, and maybe even the embedded/recorded audio files from the imported/transferred video.


      • Sampler Drive (doesn't count except for Windows page file)


      It appears to me that I should get an 7200rpm eSATA drive to use exclusively as a cache drive and keep my current allocations until I con reconfigure things for even more efficiency.


      Thanks in advance for any insight.