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    Flash Builder 4.7 with Extension Builder 2.1


      A have license of Creative Cloud but in Flash Builder 4.7 the Extension Builder 2.1 wont work, in install say to me this "Adobe Extension Builder 2.1 includes Flash Builder 4.6", see image:

      eb2.1 (1).jpg


      A pay for 4 Creative Cloud license and 4 Extension Builder license for my team and just anybody work...


      All is using Windows 7, Creative Cloud (updated) and Extension Builder 2.1. I see Extension Builder create folder for Flash Builder 4.6 but just don't work, i search in forum and don't have solution, some guys seeing work installing 4.6, in Creative Cloud don't have Flash Builder 4.6 for download like is in Photoshop, see:




      If just add this combo in Flash Builder with option of download 4.6 working for Creative Cloud fix this problem.