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    Can't open the pdf document suddenly?


      Dear Sir/ Madam,


      I would like to seek for help that those pdf documents in my computer cannot be opened.  It was a few day ago, the pdf document cannot be open in the acrobat reader version X;then, I download the version XI, and install the new one while removing the old one.  However, the pdf document still cannot be opened in the new version.  The symptom is that no response after double click to the pdf file icon and the acrobat icon (both x and xi have same situation), so I don't know why?  Since, there was no problem to open pdf file and no alteration in the computer config setting all along, but this incident is happened, now!


      Please feel free to help me to solve this problem, as I have to open the pdf document for my present job!


      Thank you very much!



      Best Regard,



      Johnson Leung

      From Hong Kong