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    Changing my RAID - some opinions please

    Darren Kelly Level 1



      I've been away for a while. Now, I'm back at the game, and I have a question.


      I am having some speed/performance issues with my Premiere Pro CS6 system. To describe it:



      AMD FX 8150 Eight-Core Processor @ 3.6GHz

      16GB RAM

      Nvidia GTX570 - all the latest drivers

      Black Magic Decklink Intensity Pro - all the latest drivers

      Samsung SSD 840 250GB system disk

      WIndows 7 Home 64bit - all the latest drivers


      6TB Raid 0 using 2 Hitachi 3TB, 7200rpm drives with 64mb of Cache.


      Some other drives for storage of photos, and other files.


      My windows Experience index is 7.6, with the RAM and processor being tied. The other settings are at 7.9


      I am getting read/ write speeds of about 270mb/s on the raid. It is not fast enough to comfortably play the 1080p 60fps I record from my GoPro when I am doing aerial work, and causing generally slow performance with multiple layers in Premere CS6.


      I am considering increasing the number of drives in the raid from 2 to 4. Still striping as a RAID 0. It would give me a RAID 0 that would format out to about 11TB, but it is the speed I am interested in. The new drives will run me $119.00 each, and I'll buy a cheap controller card to put a couple of data drives on


      Now to my questions:


      1. The new drives will NOT be the same brand as the current ones. They will be Segate drives with the same specs. Is this an issue? Here is the part number, etc:

      Seagate Barracuda 3TB 3.5" SATA3 64MB Cache OEM Hard Drive (ST3000DM001)


      2. What speed boost can I expect?


      3. If I bought a 3rd drive - to make 5 in all, should I do a RAID 3 for redundancy and protection.


      I know I will have to blow out the current RAID, and I am backing up those files right now. I want to use the onboard controller on the MB to do this. I can't afford an expensive RAID card at this point.


      Can anyone comment on my plans, tell me if I am making a critical mistake, or what you would do differently.


      Thanks all!




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          JEShort01 Level 4



          With trouble playing back multiple layers of GoPro on a timeline, I suspect that your bottleneck may not be your drives.


          You can do something pretty fast to hone in on this:

          - Run Task Manager / Performance tab & Resource Monitor to trend cpu, disk, and memory in real time

          - Run a Graphics card utility that will trend your GPU usage in real time (MSI Afterburner, EVGA, etc.)

          - turn on the drop-frame counter in CS6


          Play back your timeline using both some single-layer and multi-layer sections:


          • play with resolution settings if you have not already done so(full, 1/2, etc.).
          • watch your cpu core loads; if you are completely saturating all cpu cores, then you are likely cpu bound, not disk i/o bound; if you are only seeing a very light load on your cpu cores, then possibly you have a filter that is preventing the Mercury Playback Engine (MPE) from utilizing all of your cores (i.e. 3rd party hardware, drivers, and filters, Red Giant, etc. can do this)
          • watch your gpu core loads; it will not be very high, but it should be above zero; if it is zero, redo the GPU hack for your GTX 570 and make sure your hardware MPE is enabled. Your GTX 570 is a good card for CS6; Unless it is not set up properly, I don't think that is your issue.
          • watch your Memory usage; Premiere can be set to use up to a certain amount of RAM (I think that it maxes out a RAM total less 3GB reserved for other apps.), or 13GB in your case
          • watch your disk i/o; I suspect that you will confirm that it is pretty low, and therefore not likely your bottleneck


          I've never played with any AMD cpus lately, but they are not reportedly doing as well with Premiere as the Intel equivelents.


          If you really want to see more about how your rig stacks up against other PCs, run Harm and Bill's excellent PPBM6 test. If you do, please report the 4 scores from the CSV results file so all can see. It's at: www.ppbm7.com (no, not a typo, you find the ppbm6 test on the ppbm7 website!)





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            SAFEHARBOR11 Most Valuable Participant

            Your RAID is plenty fast for most anything you could throw at it! What is the GoPro data rate, 24mbps probably? That is less than plain old DV footage.


            I had a customer complaining that his GoPro footage would not play, so I had him send me a sample clip. Also would not play on our new Core i7 6-core machine, so I tried it on a dual-XEON 16-core powerhouse machine and even that couldn't play it smoothly!!


            The bottom line is that it's the GoPro codec that is the issue. Best bet is to use an intermediate codec, and as a GoPro owner you ought to have access to the Cineform codec. Batch convert your files prior to editing.




            Jeff Pulera

            Safe Harbor Computers

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              Darren Kelly Level 1

              SO, I did the testing that Harm and Bill created. Nice work.


              My disk i/o is really slow. It's 335 seonds

              H.264 time was 533, once again slow

              but my MPE gain is 39, which ties the number that Harm gets on his system. That makes it the fastest according to the test results published I believe.




              How do I increase the speed of my system, cause it seems to me it is the I/O of the system. I did everything on my 2 drive raid, which is connected to the MB.


              When ever it get's published, the system ID is CameraGuy Edit System


              Thanks for all you help.



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                ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                The Go Pro Codec is the issue. I have verified this on other systems. CC seems to handle it much better than CS6. I would suggest you convert the media to Cineform with the Cineform Studio software that you can use for free with the Go Pro camera.




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                  Darren Kelly Level 1

                  I did add the additional 2 drives to make a 4drive, 12TB RAID (Formats to 10.9 TB)


                  Doing the Decklink speed test, I recorded the following results.


                  2 Drive RAID


                  Write: 270mbs

                  Read: 285 mbs


                  4 drive RAID

                  Write: 485mbs

                  Read: 585 mbs.


                  The benchmark testing showed things to be slower, which doesn't make much sense. I may have done it wrong.


                  The next question?


                  Will an independent RAID controller make a difference?


                  Will moving to a RAID 5 by adding an additional drive give me the protection that 12TB require?



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                    ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                    I would not suggest or use a 4 drive raid 0 unless your backups are rock solid daily and you dont have a downtime limitation. I would not also suggest raid 5 without a raid controller card. Dont use the raid 5 on the board. The Rebuild times are atrocious and I would not rely on the parity verification then. If you need more than 2 drives and dont want a raid 10, I would definitely suggest the raid controller. Raid 10 on the onboard is not the best but still doable since it's mirror and not parity. You benchmarks are close to where they should be  for onboard controller. I dont see anything wrong with them. You can update the Raid Controller drivers often to change the caching model and performance. However sometimes the performance drops instead of increasing depending on the version.