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    Using WMI to Avoid Later Versions


      Hi All,


      I help administer a very large environment with many hundreds of desktop clients. Software versions of almost everything are historically always way behind the rest of the world it seems. So I'll apologise in advancde for posting about pushing 10.3 out in the middle of 2013...


      I have been asked to ensure at least 10.3 flash player is rolled out to all XP machines (yep - still kicking XP machines around). This has been deployed using MSI / GPO, with a WMI filter to ensure it is being run on only the XP machines. A few users accross different locations have, for one reason or another, already got 11.x installed. My GPO is asking them each time to allow 10.3 to be installed.


      Using my policy, the machines with versions prior to 10.3 receive the 10.3 version install silently. However if a version above 10.3 exists, it is causing a headache, and I can't for the life of me find out how I go about determining the flash version in my WMI filter to effectively ignore those endpoints that are already on a newer version. Of if there's a simpler way to achieve what I want.


      Any help / suggestions appreciated.