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    Can't get a persistent code to loop independent from frame.



      I need some "security" code to run consistently with set intervals (for example, run once each minute). I am developing a program that needs to have the USB pen inserted to avoid multiple computers using the same USB. I know how to check for the USB, but the problem lies in making it check each 60 seconds. I already tried this:


      on exitframe

           if the timer > 60 then



           end if

      end exitframe



      And it only gets triggered in that frame (which makes sense), and I need it to be triggered from any place as long as the movie is running.


      Is there a way to make a code run independently of whatever frame the movie is on? I can add an invisible sprite to the stage with a "on exitframe me" behavior, but that sounds like a sorta dumb workaround. Is there a better one?


      I'm using DirectorMX 2004 in Windows 7.


      Thank you.

      Marco Roberto.