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    Rectangle Color


      PS CS6

      I have a document that is 8X12 with a white background.

           1.  create new layer

           2.  click on color from swatches.

           3.  draw a rectangle holding shift.  Now I have rectangle that has a color. (Change to Pixels in options)


      Can I copy that new rectangle with a different color??

      Can I copy and replace that color??


      Sounds simple.  I can't find a method to do it!


      The reason to do it this way is the rectangle will show in layer as a colored square on transparent background.

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          d0nut247 Level 4

          once its been rsterised into pixels its just another image element, youd be better to keep it as a 'shape' layer and adjust the colour.

          but if you need it rasterised for other purposes, then using the arrow tool (V) you can hold the alt key and click/drag the rectangle to create an additional one on the same layer, or you can copy the layer (apple + J / Ctrl+J) then use hue and saturation colourize option selected to change the colour.