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    Problem editing labels of radio button symbols in Fireworks CS6




      I'm new to Fireworks, and I am struggling with symbols. I have encountered several problems creating reusable symbols and especially editing the labels.


      Problem 1


      I can't edit the label of a symbol that I create using a default Common Library symbol as a starting point. Here's how to reproduce:


      - Open a default symbol, say RadioButton(win) for editing

      - Do changes (font for example)

      - Save as a new symbol in the Common Library folder

      - Use the new symbol in a new document

      - Editing the label in symbol instance properties does not work


      Continuing with a rather irrelevant use case just trying to understand what is going on:


      - Add a default symbol RadioButton(win) from the Common Library to the same document

      - Now try editing the label of the new symbol (added to the document above)

      - The label (and other properties) of the default symbol are edited instead


      Problem 2


      Why can I not enter a number as a label of the RadioButton(win) symbol, found in the Common Library? The workaround is simple though, I can just enter a number followed by a space.


      Problem 3


      How to create a set of a heading and three radio buttons as a symbol? If I simply convert three RadioButton(win) symbols and a text element to a new symbol, I lose the possibility to edit the labels of the radion buttons. The properties show that the radio buttons have labels from the time before converting to a new symbol, but in the new symbol the radio button elements have labels that say "label", and I cannot edit them.



      What is the best way to create radio buttons, check boxes, combo boxes and other symbols with custom look and feel, while retaining all the functionality of the symbols?



      Thank you,




      Fireworks CS6