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    Link to PDF doesn't work

    JacquesGenevieve Level 1

      Hello there,


      I've got an inDesign document, which I export in PDF. In this document, there's a link that leads to another PDF file.


      Since I wanted a whole zone to be sensible and not just some text, I created a rectangular frame on which I added a link. Then, I chosed "new hyperlink" in the hyperlinks panel, selected "file" in the drop-down menu and I wrote a relative link to the PDF file for the path.


      Also, when I export my file to PDF, I make sure that "hyperlinks" box is checked.




      When I open my file and try to open the other PDF, I receive a "security warning" message which tells me :


      The document is trying to connect to website file:annexes%5Cprofil_comp_conseiller_indem.pdf

      If you trust this website, click on autorize button. If not, click on block.


      (Sorry for bad translation. )


      So I autorize and then... nothing happens! I receive no failure message, but the file doesn't open.




      What is weird is the fact that it says "website" and then it says "file:". Maybe it's normal, I don't know.


      I saw, when searching for a solution on Google, that there could be a problem if you have spaces in your link : which I don't. I used underscores to separate words. I found nothing else that could help me resolve my problem.


      My only option left so far is, to export in PDF, and then in Adobe Acrobat Pro add the link to the other PDF file. It's an additionnal step I would prefer not to do!


      Thank you very much for your help.

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          Doc Maik Level 4

          It's not weird. Acrobat just considers every hyperlink as link to a website. Don't mind.

          The security requester is normal, but it should open the file if it can find it. Depending on the path where the source PDF is stored, the link can only open files within the same path or with absolute path.

          The requester tells a strange file name. Is there a special character (%5C) in the file name? If so, don't do that. It might be the cause.

          Else, check whether the target file is in the same folder or not.


          Apart from the PDF, is the hyperlink type correctly set in the INDD?

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            JacquesGenevieve Level 1

            Thank you for your answer.


            My file was in the same folder, but in a child one. I had to link to the child folder before linking to the file itself. So my relative link was something like : annex/nameofthefile.pdf


            So I tried putting it REALLY in the same folder and just linking to : "nameofthefile.pdf".




            It still doesn't work. After autorizing to open the file, I do receive, now, an alert message (that's something!) telling me that he can't find the file and to verify if the name or the adress is correct.


            But it can't be incorrect. I tried copy-pasting the name AND tried using the folder button icon to let the software write the link itself



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              Doc Maik Level 4

              I've tested the same thing as you did, with relative path. Didn't work, like in your case.

              Then with absolute path, works.


              So you need to leave the full path as it is entered from the dialogue into the path box.

              If the source PDF is in a different path, Acrobat will find the target PDF because of the full path and if the source PDF is in the same path as the target PDF, it will find it anyway.

              If the target PDF is moved or Acrobat can not access the target PDF path, the source PDF must be in the same path as the target, of course.

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                JacquesGenevieve Level 1

                Absolute link doesn't work either for me. I guess it's because the files are placed onto a file server.


                Anyway, the absolute link isn't a solution for me because the document might be placed in different places so it needs to be a relative link.


                Thanks a lot for your time!


                My only solution is to export the inDesign document without the link to the PDF. Open it in Acrobat Pro and create the link there. It's longer, but it works fine.


                I just wished it would have worked within inDesign.