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    A certain InDesign file freezes on opening on mac


      I have a specific ID file which I created last year (possibly on CS6) on my mac which is part of a book document.

      This document crash everytime I try to open it. Over the summer I ugraded to ID CC, but this did not change anything. The rest of the documents in the book opens fine.

      I have deleted the recovery files, the pref. files, but to no avail.

      My collegue which works on a PC could open the file just fine (ID CC as well), made a small edit and saved it, but I could still not open it.

      When opening one page loads, and I sometimes get a warning about missing links and missing fonts, then the rainbow colored wheel keeps spinning...


      Any ideas?


      I am working on a late 2011 Mac Book Pro running  OS X 10.8.4 (12E55)