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    How to change the content of a text input?



      I would like to help me with the following


      I've create and input text, for example this:


      var one= sym.$("one")

      one.html("Enter your answer: ");

      inputOne = $('<input />').attr({'type':'text', 'value':'', 'id':'one'});

      inputOne .css ('font-size', 14);

      inputOne .css ('width', 350);

      inputOne .css ('background-color', '#0a81fb');

      inputOne .appendTo(one);


      Now the user can write anything in this input text.


      The corret word that the user has to write is "correct"

      so i use an if to validate it


      if (inputOne.val() == "correct"){

           alert ("good")

      }else {

             // HERE IS MY PROBLEM!!!   What i need to do is: if the user types a wrong answer i           //need to show him the correct answer in the input text.




      I hope you can help me.



      Thank's =)