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    See the logged content for clip markers at sequence level?

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      I'm working on my first long form documentary, and I'm using a work flow a colleague recommended – although he typically works with Avid and an older version of Final Cut Pro, so there may be some areas where this work flow is broken.


      I've vascialleted a bit, as I've recently began to use Prelude to do the logging instead of Premiere Pro. Obviously logging in PL is quite a bit easier as it's set up with some handy keyboard shortcuts for doing so. Basically I'm adding clip markers to interview stringouts that contain transcriptions of what the person is saying at that point of the interview.  Now that Premiere Pro CC allows me to navigate to the clip makers the same way I could navigate to the sequence markers (Command-Shift-M for previous and Shift-M for next), it's pretty handy and it makes sense to use clip markers since they'll always be there no matter what sequence you put the source footage into.


      So, great. All makes sense right? Well...turns out I've run into a bit of a problem.

      There is the handy Markers pallete (windows>Markers) which highlights the text I captured for a specific marker, making it easy to navigate or search for a certain question or answer in a given interview. Trouble is, that only shows content at the sequence marker level. While I can navigate to a clip maker within a timeline, the Markers pallette stays blank for that clip marker. Which, is kind of a show stopper in terms of navigating the logged clip once it's in a sequence or stringout. I can still see what's in that clip marker if I hover the mouse over it and wait for a tool tip to show up, but that's not exactly optimal.


      I'm thinking about going back to logging in Premiere just to keep the sequence level markers easily searchable at the stringout level. Any feedback? I'd certainly prefer to do the logging in PL, but I'm dealing with a lot of footage here, and I need at least the stringouts to be easily searchable.


      Mind you, my colleague isn't a Premiere Pro power user, so he may have recommended a workflow that isn't exactly optimal for the tool. Any insight would be welcomed, but if there were some way for the Markers pallete to show the content of the clip marker, I'd be off and running.