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    multiple registration and fees issue

    SAEMS P2

      I have made a registration form for multiple people on one form, however I don't want to make every registration (and related fields) mandatory in case they don't use all the possible registrations. That would require them to fill in something in every field regardless.  However, if they do register someone I want to be sure that the fees are collected for each registration on PayPal.  Is there a way to have all fees "form wide" so it collects each registration fee or do I have to make the payment mandatory for each registration and add a choice for no fee for each registration if not filled out.


      Or, a way to tell the form if the registration is filled out it automatically makes the fee choice mandatory and sent to Pay Pal?  Similar to if you ask a question and if no it takes you to the next question relative to that answer.


      Any ideas?

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          Drewy62 Adobe Employee

          HTML Formscentral forms don't support calculations so unfortunately what you are hoping to do is currently not possible. A number of people have asked for calculation and it is something we may do in a future release.


          Andrew Yarborough

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            SAEMS P2 Level 1

            It does calculate when linked to Pay Pal, not when a PDF.  What I would like to know is if I can for instance have the first registration/fee mandatory then perhaps ask if they would like to register another person yes/no.  If yes it takes to the next set of fields to register another person and collect fee; if no it takes you to the proceed to checkout and Pay Pal.  Is there a way to do that on a Pay Pal form?

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              SAEMS P2 Level 1

              I found a work around I only made the first registration required and made a registration fee choice required for each registration.  I did have to add each purchase field for each registration, it wouldn’t add the fee for each person otherwise.  I also had to make sure under the Address Fields that I had the billing name, address etc. checked so it pulled the information for the billing from the correct place.  A bit cumbersome, however it appears to be working as intended.