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    Symbol is not playing from the "label" keyframe

    T Reilly3

      I have a file that requires the user to select a "size" represented by 3 different buttons, "size1", "size2", and "size3".

      They are then directed to the next group of 3 buttons, "option1", "option2",  or "option3" based on the size button selected.


      The final animation presented is part of a symbol that has 9 labelled keyframes that presents the "size" and "option" information based on the user's selection.

      I wanted to simplify this complex selection with 1 symbol instead of 9 individual symbols.


      The problem I am facing is that no matter which "option" the user selects the animation presented is "size1/option1", "size1/option2", or "size1/option3".

      For example, if the user clicks the "size2" button and then selects the "option 1" button they see the graphic for "size1/option1".


      Here is the action that is attached to the click event for size2/option3 button...


      var mySymbolObject = sym.getSymbol("size_125");

      sym.$("size_125").show( );



      It presents the keyframe for the "size1/option3" button which is labelled "label_3".


      Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated. Otherwise I think I have to break the symbol into multiple individual symbols.