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    Component State Styles

      I think it would it be better to manage style properties like skins and text color for different component states in separate style declarations. For example instead of having property names like rollOverTextColor, selectedTextColor, downSkin, upSkin etc. you would have an upStyleName, downStyleName, selectedStyleName and so on pointing to the style declaration for the given state. In the style declaration you could simply define new values for the component properties (in CSS below):

      .button_up {
      color: #cccccc;
      textIndent: 0;
      borderSkin: Embed(source="upSkin.png);}

      .button_over {
      color: #dddddd;
      textIndent: 1;
      borderSkin: Embed(source="overSkin.png);}

      With this sort of implementation we would have more consistent control over components in their different states.

      Has there been any thought on this?