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    Can't playback files captured via Blackmagic Decklink Studio 2 in CS6




      Latest Mac Pro w/ 2 x 2.66 GHz Xeon Processors

      24GB RAM

      2 x ATI 5770 GPUs

      Blackmagic Decklink Studio 2

      OS X 10.8.4


      I am having a very strange issue with Premiere Pro CS6. When I capture a clip using Premiere and then drop that clip from the bin into the timeline, I get a preview in the window, but the timeline doesn't move, the video preview freezes, and there is no audio playback. If I pull up the clip in Quicktime I get video playback, but still no audio.


      If I restart the computer and play the file in quicktime (not in the Premiere timeline) it plays back flawlessly with audio and video. But once I open premiere and try to drop the clip into the timeline I get no timeline movement or audio/video playback.


      I am capturing primarily SD footage from a VHS deck via composite video. I can work with DSLR footage all day with no problems, but if I try to capture and playback this SD footage I have to restart the computer in order to get any kind of footage to work in Premiere.


      I have tried every combination of sequence and playback settings, as well as capture codecs but to no avail. It feels like when I do a video capture it doesn't relenquish the use of the audio driver for the Blackmagic card because I can't get any sound out of it unless I restart after having the isue.


      Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.