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    Loss of Color in my images when placed into IDD.


      I am a photographer working on a book involving stained glass, the accurate color reproduction of my images is super important. When I place my images inside the IDD file, there is an immediate loss of color information. It looks like what one gets when jpgs are compressed to much.


      If import and sRGB file into IDD CC, it losses a lot of info and is unacceptable, however when I import an Profoto RBG file into IDD it looks close, but not quite there. See the attached file.


      Tiffs or uncompressed JPG's, it doesn't make a difference. The color spaces are all set to profoto RGB to get it close, but I would like the images to look as they do in Photoshop.


      The attached file is a side by side of the image displayed in PS on the left, the imbedded file in IDD on the right. They are close, but you will notice a loss of color information, less saturation, and the backgrounds are a little different.


      How can I get IDD to display the images as PS does?


      Thank you.


      TomScreen Shot 2013-08-06 at 1.43.32 PM.png