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    outputting to a mov container


      i need to output for broadcast mov containers from pse elments..... how ?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          • What version of PrE?
          • What OS?
          • Do you have Apple's QuickTime Player installed?
          • What are the details of your source footage?
          • What is your Project's Settings?


          In later versions of PrE, you would choose Share, or Publish+Share (PrE 11), then Computer, and finally QuickTime. There, you should have export Presets, that will get you a MOV wrapper, for many formats/CODEC's. Now, some will be exported to an MP4 wrapper, so it does depend on what you are starting with, and which Share/Publish+Share setting you choose.


          Also, if you do not see QuickTime as a selection, be sure to look to the far-right, and find the scroll bar. Scroll down, to get to the QuickTime options.


          Good luck,



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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            What version of Premiere Elements are you using and what computer operating system is it running on?


            The .mov file extension (file wrapper/container) can wrap different video compression and audio compression. What are your requirements in that regard as well as what you are looking for in frame size and frame rate and aspect ratio?


            Generalized How To (In Absence Of Further Details)


            1. Import your source media into a Premiere Elements project whose project preset has been set to match the properties of your source media.


            2. Edit


            3. Select your export type under the Share (called that in versions earlier than 11) or Publish+Share (called that in version 11)/Computer/QuickTime.


            4. The QuickTime choice has several presets. You pick the appropriate one for your work and, if necessary, you adjust/customize the export settings under the preset's Advanced Button/Video Tab and Audio Tab.


            If you do not have any version of Premiere Elements at this time, consider downloading and installing the free 30 day tryout of the current version (11) before any purchase. Determine if your footage and the program work for your in your computer environment and in your specific situation.


            The answers will be in the details.




            Add On...I did not see Hunt's post before I posted mine. Excellent reminder...QuickTime (latest version) installation on same computer with Premiere Elements is a requirement, especially for this type of workflow.