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    photo scanning issue


      i can not scan photos from my kodak printer from photshop..it is reading an old printer that is no longer installed...kodak states it is with the software from adobe?can someone  please help...thanks

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          Start by reading this:


          My scanner is not recognized.


          for anything beyond that we need much more info like system specs, what scanner model and so on.



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            Photoshop has never been able to scan, it is NOT a scanning application.  Kodak is giving you unadulterated B.S.


            Scanning inside Photoshop was and remains a most inefficient way to scan.  You should scan outside of Photoshop


            When you used the Import menu in Photoshop to scan in the past, all you were doing is tying up Photoshop while it called on the scanner application provided by the scanner manufacturer to scan using the TWAIN plug-in.  Now the TWAIN plug-in has been deprecated by Adobe.


            If Kodak will not provide a scanning application and a driver of its own so that you could scan outside of Photoshop, they shouldn't even be selling that contraption as a scanner.


            The workaround is to use a utility like VueScan (excellent value) or SilverFast (expensive).  Check to see whether your part-time scanner is supported by either of those.  Then you can even continue working in Photoshop while the scanning is being done in the background.


            VueScan even puts a Scan menu item in Photoshop's Import menu.

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              From what I notice:


              The File > Import > Vuescan function does act like Twain in that it places a hold on Photoshop until the "Last Page" button is pressed. Try doing anything in Photoshop if you call up Vuescan that way, even if you havn't scanned anything and see for yourself.


              Now that sort of thing is not a problem if the scan is less than 30 seconds and nothing else is going on,but I go along with the advice to bring up Vuescan independently and scanning to tiff format. It has the advantage of freeing up Photoshop and opening up in Photoshop when done. Great if that scan is going to take a while and you have a few in queue.


              I second Vuescan as a replacement for those sparse and limited drivers some scanner makers bundle, and Hamrick updates his software free of charge just about once a month and is on email call if you need him. Supports 2100 scanner models from 35 makers.



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                Maybe Ed Hamrick intentionally added that TWAIN-like "hold on Photoshop" just to please such clueless folks as have always tied up Photoshop to scan. 


                I have not even attempted to use that File > Import menu item in the last decade.