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    CS6 Premeiere pro & Plural eyes export problems same sequence...


      Hey guys, i bought plural eyes to make my work flow easy not harder? Opened and started a new wedding project, no transisitions no effects, so i decided to start with the ceremony, 40 minutes of camcorder two dslr footage, with the voice recorder sounding good, sent to plural eyes, synced up had to ctrl arrow and sort into place first though a regular thing with the voice recorder??? Does not seem to sync the middle track well on the timeline if three lots of footage. So exported back to the timeline brilliant. Sorted. Now onto the speeches, so seperated the dad, groom and best man created three new seuqences. Started on the dads, sent to plural eyes from the cs6 timeline and new sequence, synced ok, then send back tio the cs6 timeline and generic error again. It seems every time i work on a project do a first sync, i cannot do any more syncs in the same project???? Help, its driving me nuts, im wasting more time than syncing myself... pheeeew? steve