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    Source Monitor Shows Incorrect Framerate


      Hi all,


      I am using Premiere Pro CS5.5 to edit footage orginally filmed NTSC 24p on miniDV tapes. This footage has been captured from the tapes via Premiere Pro and interpreted as 23.976fps using pulldown removal. Part of the project involves recreating sequences based on an edit log, so I've set the project to display frames instead of timecode.


      When a clip is placed in a 24p sequence (or when viewing its details in the Project panel), the frames correspond perfectly with the edit log. However, when the clip is loaded into the Source Monitor (to set in/out points, for example), the clip has additional frames and the edit points don't match up. It appears that the Project panel and the Timeline panel are correctly interpreting the footage as 23.976fps, but the Source Monitor is still interpreting the footage as 29.97fps.


      I know that I can solve my problem by manually entering the in/out points of clips via the Project panel and then dragging them onto the timeline, but it would be more intuitive for me to use the Source Monitor.


      Does anyone know why the Source Monitor is interpreting footage as 29.97fps when every other panel interprets it correctly as 23.976fps?